How do I send my inclusions?
Please enclose your milk and/or other inclusions in a zip lock bag (I recommend two to be safe) and send in a padded mail bag to the advised postal address.

How long does it take to make my order?
We work as fast and efficiently as possible to have your beautiful jewellery home to you. It can take 8 - 12 weeks from the time it arrives to us until it is ready to be sent to you. We don't want to compromise on the quality of your keepsake. The postal service can also vary in times that it takes to deliver so please keep this in mind prior to ordering. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

Do you send back left over items?
We do not send back left over items. As a guide, please don't send any more than 20ml of milk and 1 teaspoon of ashes. You can email us if you are unsure. If you are sending something irreplaceable, please do not send us all of what you have!  We have no control over the postal service and can only take responsibility for your package when it is with us.

Can i change my order if  I change my mind?
Once you place your order, please know we cannot make changes as this can lead to confusion on our end and an unhappy experience for customers. Please make sure you are certain on your design choice before confirming your order.

If we live locally can we pick up and drop off?
Sorry we are unable to provide this service.

Do you create pieces with animal ashes/fur?
Yes we absolutely do - just order the appropriate piece and state that it is your pet's ashes or fur that you would like set.

I am sending milk do I need to send my milk frozen?
Fresh, old, frozen or defrosted milk is perfectly fine to send.

Will my milk go off?
Breast milk has amazing properties and does not spoil the way cow's milk would. It will keep beautifully for the process of creating your precious jewellery. Please follow the instructions on how to send.

Will my milk jewellery look exactly like the pictures on the website?
Breast milk is unique to each individual. For this reason please note that your piece will not look exactly like the photos on the website. We see milk that is as white as paper through to a beautiful creamy yellow and even blue tinges. Please note that your milk has nothing added to it to change its colour. We believe this is what makes each piece so special. Flecks and shimmers dance around and settle in their own way, a way we can not predict or change. We don’t see these as flaws or imperfections. We see them as unique and amazing just like the inclusions you send us.

How much is typically required to create jewellery?
Breast milk Typically 20ml for 1 - 3 pieces. Minimum 10ml for small pieces such as a ring but please check before ordering. Maximum milk to be sent is 50ml.

Ashes 1/2-1 teaspoon is enough for 1 - 3 pieces depending on size. We can work with however much you have so please contact us via email if you are worried that your amount is too small.

Placenta 1 - 2 capsules, or 1 teaspoon worth for 1 - 4 pieces.

Hair Minimum 1cm.

What do you do with remaining milk?
We clearly mark 'processed' milk and store for 6 months AFTER a package has been sent home. This ensures a safety net as we understand there are women who are working from low supplies who wish to order again. 

How long does postage take once the keepsake is finished?
Australia - 5 working days. Please note that we cannot control postal times once it leaves us & the best place to check on waiting times if you are concerned is with your local post office.

Why does it take so long?
Please be aware that each piece of handmade jewellery takes time. All breast milk jewellery involves specially preserving to ensure your breast milk will remain the same as the day you receive it. We place all milk through an individual process of preservation which takes time. Packaging, sorting and labelling your arrived orders is very important and takes time to complete. Once we begin working with your items, there are many steps in setting up, pouring, mixing, drying, moulding, creating and more. We understand your excitement, however please understand we don't want to compromise the quality of your keepsake. It's worth the wait!

We have a strict no refunds policy, so please ensure you are able to send your inclusions to us within 6 weeks. If it has been 6 weeks since placing your order and you have not yet sent them, you must contact us right away and we will proceed with issuing you a store credit to be used within a further 6 weeks if necessary. We will only issue store credit once per order. We reserve the right to automatically cancel any unfulfilled order older than 12 months with no refund or store credit given. We take no responsibility for change of mind, nor reading our website prior to ordering. We absolutely understand that life events like illness can happen, however the best way to avoid any disappointment is ensuring you are ready to proceed with packaging and sending at the time you confirm your order.

Faults & repairs
Please contact us within 5 days of receiving your jewellery, with all relevant photos & a description of what is at fault. If it is found to be something which is at fault by us, we will require for you to post your item back to for a full inspection & repair within 4 weeks. Any item which is to be at fault of the customer (accidental damage) we agree to take a look at this for you and help you find a solution to repair this at the customer's expense. All repairs after 12 months are subject to fees and postage.